Friday, February 8, 2013

Trending: Clear / See-Through Shoes

Since the East Coast is admist a snowstorm it's only appropriate that I look forward to spring and summer by oogling over a great trend for shoes. If you are a stripper or a child of the 1990s... you've got this one down. Yes, it's the grown up version of jellies. These clear / see-through shoe styles are popping up everywhere and I'm going to show you a few to lust over and a few to actually buy.

Now if you've got a few hundred dollars to spend of some shoes these "Unbout Illusion Pumps" by Christian Louboutin come in a variety of colors and can be yours for 795$

Or... if you're like me and want something more affordable, here are a few options..


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trending: Versace Inspired?

One of my favorite things to do is look at different fashion trends online, specifically on blogs and Instagram. Something I can't help but notice is that even people that can afford to wear real Versace are wearing Versace inspired pieces. It's like the 90s all over again. 

When I was shopping at the flea market this summer I picked up a few pairs of earrings one being vintage gold lions. Ever since then, especially this past winter I notice Versace inspired prints and jewelry everywhere... and I'll show you where you can get the look for cheap.

"King Bamboo" earrings available from RichGirlz $20.00

"Chain Reaction" earrings available from RichGirlz $25.00

"Glam Lionhead" earrinng from Essence James $17.00
"Donatella Mini Dress" from ShopBop $70.00

"Versace Inspired" Leggings from Karma Couture Boutique $19.99

Lipsy Studded Dress with Cutaway Shoulders at ASOS $34.20

Friday, January 4, 2013

Starting the New Year off with a bang and When Harry Met Sally..

Yes, I started the New Year off with a bang. And I mean that literally. I had been sick since right before New Years Eve and I spent a few days resting but whatever infection I had in my sinus' spread to a terrible earache on Wednesday night. Well, overnight my earache ruptured my eardrum and I spent a good part of yesterday at the hospital. I'm on an antibiotic and hopefully I'll start to feel better soon. Despite all of that I am really looking forward to 2013. I remember telling my friend Kate when 2012 was about to start that I knew 2012 would suck, but that I would make 2013 a great year. Hopefully I will make that come true for myself. I have some interesting prospects coming up.. so we shall see!

However, I did spend about a half hour on New Years Eve watching "When Harry Met Sally", and finished watching it with my guy on New Years Day. I just love some of Meg Ryan's wardrobe in this film... very reminiscent of Diane Keaton in "Annie Hall", another one of my favorite films.

Here are some photos from the film and samples how to recreate the look

When Harry Met Sally

Bruuns Bazaar long sleeve top
$66 -

Roseanna straight jacket

Santoni heeled oxford
$600 -

Michael kors jewelry

Carolee gold post earrings

Black hat
$42 -

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guess Ads in 2012

I never really like Guess clothing much, but their marketing/advertising is always spot on.. and classic Guess ads will forever be my favorite. But 2012 was still a good year in advertising for them, they never fail to combine modern and vintage flawlessly. Some of my favs from this year:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Katy Perry really pisses me off (ELLE magazine September 2012)

That's right. I said it. She makes me really mad. However, when the September fall fashion issue of ELLE came in the mail at first glance I thought I was really into her cover look. Upon further investigation I discovered she irks me even more. I think the reason why this particular issue bothered me so much is that in the spread her hair looks so "I never grew out of my goth stage" or something. I understand an artists need to be unique, but come on Katy, you are almost 28 and we all know you never shopped at Hot Topic.. so what's with the Elvira look? Even if the cover has a quote from Katy saying, "I can't be the Candy Queen forever", maybe she should reconsider.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Miley Cyrus being featured on my blog?

That's right. Miley Cyrus is not in my normal topics of conversation but being a lover of hair how could I not mention her drastic new hairstyle. Hairstylist Chris McMillian who is famous for giving Jennifer Aniston the original "Rachel" cut, is responsible for Miley's new 'do. Earlier this month he cut her hair (twice), first into a long bob, then into a short asymmetrical cut, and colored her a very light blonde. It has been quoted that the hairstyle which was created in her home cost about 1000 dollars. What do you think... yay or nay?

After color during the first cut:

First cut complete:
Right before the second cut:


Monday, August 20, 2012


Anyone who knows how much I adore crazy earrings should probably grab their debit card because I just found the coolest line of earrings. Started in 2010 and based in NYC, Badacious is the creation of designers Kozue Badacious (CEO/Designer) & Ayumi Badacious (Co-Designer). Originally from Japan these self-taught designers have been using their Japanese heritage and music as sources of inspiration. The prices on these unique pieces range from 25-55 dollars with 7 dollars flat rate shipping for all domestic deliveries. How could you resist wanting to collect them all?

You Are My Sunshine! $ 42.00
Mesmoryze $ 38.00
1994 $48.00
And celebrities wearing Badacious:
Mya at a concert in July wearing "1994"

Adrienne wearing "1991" on an episode of "Empire Girls: Julissa and Adrienne"